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      so I’m

      late 50s

      grew up in Ohio, left to attend college, one year at Georgia Tech then three at Stanford.  Undergrad degree in chemical engineering, a few years later got an MBD at UCLA.

      Have lived in CA since 1979 (except for summer jobs in college), all but two years in Northern CA.

      Worked in both large companies and a start-up, almost exclusively as an individual contributor as I see no real upside (other than pay) to managing people, various roles as

      • consumer products companies
        • process and product dev engineer
      • several high tech firms
        • financial analyst
        • market dev manager
        • competitor and market analysis
        • strategic and business planning
        • fund raising including creating investor and board materials

      at my core I am an analytical and like to work on interesting problems and find solutions for them, they can be at work or outside work.  As such I look for why a solution does or does not hang together, I look for holes in the solutions and find that pretty much any solution can be improved but you need to know when the solution is “good enough” and move on.

      I consider myself socially liberal and financially conservative and think that the government and business should not be concerned with my personal life unless it negatively impacts others.  I have come to be less and less trusting of both government and business as I have been exposed to how they work over the years.  Early on I was a Republican but for the last 10-15 years have been “no party preference”.

      I find “purity test” issues not useful.  I think that the following types of things should be generally legal with some exclusions (typical ones notes below)

      • gun ownership (you do not need to own fully automatic weapons (semi-automatic ok), grenades, etc)
      • abortion (not later term unless the mother’s life in danger)
      • free trade (good but some restrictions ok in a few very limited cases, none of which are featured in the current tariff discussions)

      I thing business has become almost exclusively focused on profit, profit is important but companies should really have a more balanced set of objectives similar to HP’s from the 1966:

      HP Corporate Objectives

      1. Profit. To recognize that profit is the best single measure of our contribution to society and the ultimate source of our corporate strength. We should attempt to achieve the maximum possible profit consistent with our other objectives.

      2. Customers. To strive for continual improvement in the quality, usefulness, and value of the products and services we offer our customers.

      3. Field of Interest. To concentrate our efforts, continually seeking new opportunities for growth but limiting our involvement to fields in which we have capability and can make a contribution.

      4. Growth. To emphasize growth as a measure of strength and a requirement for survival.

      5. Employees. To provide employment opportunities for HP people that include the opportunity to share in the company’s success, which they help make possible. To provide for them job security based on performance, and to provide the opportunity for personal satisfaction that comes from a sense of accomplishment in their work.

      6. Organization. To maintain an organizational environment that fosters individual motivation, initiative and creativity, and a wide latitude of freedom in working toward established objectives and goals.

      7. Citizenship. To meet the obligations of good citizenship by making contributions to the community and to the institutions in our society which generate the environment in which we operate.

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      the older we get the better we were......

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