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      I saw an article that suggested the administration intends to refill the SPR. (However the weekly EIA data doesn’t show much accumulation to date.)  Simultaneously, China is now stockpiling crude.

      When I wear my tin foil hat, I explain this coincidence easily. Biden needs something to sell in the second and third quarter of 2024 to cook the inflation numbers to support his reelection bid. I mean it worked like a charm during the 2022 off year cycle. China is accumulating oil now so they can liquidate excess reserves to support the Biden re-election effort as well. They have their best “friend”/stooge they own in the Whitehouse and see the advantages with four more years from their Manchurian Candidate.

      Biden liquidated roughly 250,000,000 barrels to buy the democrats some wiggle room on inflation over the summer and fall of 2022. We can all watch the weekly EIA numbers to see how this unfolds as the 2024 cycle approaches.

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      Soaring prices should not happen.  But central planners are allocating resources and creating shortages to force a green agenda no matter how much pain they inflict on citizens.

      I’d like to see an org chart of who is really behind this all.  At the top would be US Presidential Envoy of Climate John Kerry.  The position is a member of the US Security Council.  Kerry by the way will not reveal who is on his staff of at least 45 and he will not acknowledge what they are required to do under current law.


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