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      I have no words for this video except that Biden is doing his best to destroy our country…F’ing idiot.

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      It’s a travesty.

      That said, when New York liberals are speaking of immigrants “destroying” their city, you know the worm is turning.

      Sic transit gloria mundi (so shut up and get back to work)

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        Yea…to the administration’s “innovative” Remain in Texas policy.

        Texas AG Paxton made an interesting statement post impeachment. Alleging Biden was behind the attempted removal from office, he suggested that they buckle up.

        The political kabuki is just ramping up and the “legal strategy” of the administration is questionable at best.

        Here's a toast with one last pour, may it last forever and a minute more;
        Good fortune seems to you have sung, to live and love way past long

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      You might recall the study performed five years ago by two Yale professors (Jonathan S. Feinstein and Edward H. Kaplan) and MIT researcher Mohammad M. Fazel-Zarandi. In it, they claimed that the true count of undocumented aliens was likely twice that accepted by the Census Bureau and possibly almost 3x. The typically accepted count is 11.2 million (Migration Policy Institute), their study indicated that it was likely closer to 22 million and as high as 29.5 million.

      Yale shocker: 29.5 million illegal immigrants, 3X higher than Census number | Washington Examiner

      They received a firestorm of criticism for their results and some aimed at their methodology. I always wondered if they had a followup study. The link below is two years old and based upon the Mexican Migration Project. They backed off a little bit, to 19.6 million, still substantially more than the 11.2 million that is often claimed.

      ‘Snapshots’ of Migrants in Mexico Suggest U.S. Undocumented Population Is Much Larger than Previous Estimates | Yale Insights

      Audaces fortuna iuvat

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