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      Everyone knows that the United States has the highest immigration in the world, officially 46.7 million of our 330 million residents, though some think it is actually higher.

      Germany, as their population ages, attracts an enormous number of immigrants, over 12 million.

      Want to guess who’s third? Russia. That’s right…Russia, the garbage dump of Europe. Russia has over 11.6 million immigrants. Obviously many immigrants came from territories that Russia had savagely attacked and forced immigration; e.g., from Ukraine. But that doesn’t add up to 11.6 million, and I don’t think most sane living humans would choose to voluntarily emigrate there.

      So why the large number? This is why. Putin wants to destabilize the West by rerouting immigrants in vast numbers to his enemy countries.

      Revealed: how Putin plans to flood West with migrants


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