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      Who’s it going to be?  RFK?  Would Mayorkas give him secret service protection…finally?

      What’s it going to be, a sacrificial lamb?  Harris?  Can they maintain viability in 2028 and 2032 if they put up another laughable incompetent?

      Who is actually running the show now?

      Can members of Congress, Senators up in 2024 and the fourth estate pull a Biden and use a narrow topical “senility defense” to distance themselves from Biden’s disqualifying incompetence?  There’s a whole lot of digital media out there that could be framed to bring people’s judgement into question?

      Can Garland’s DoJ continue with the Trump litigation?”

      Look in the dictionary under “it’s better to be lucky than good” and there’s a picture of Putin and Carlson smiling broadly.  The opposite is true of corporate media.

      The last week has put a whole lot of balls in the air.

      Here's a toast with one last pour, may it last forever and a minute more;
      Good fortune seems to you have sung, to live and love way past long

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