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      10 years, $700M. Quite a contract.

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      I read that more than half of it is deferred. And if it weakens the Dodgers long-term, that’s a good thing. It’s interesting…Ohtani is only going to be a DH next season, because of his surgery on his pitching arm. And you have to wonder (a) will he come back as the same pitcher, now that he’s had multiple surgeries on that arm and (b) even if he does, the Japanese history is one start per week (26 in a season versus 33), which apparently was Ohtani’s demand. He’s never had more than 28 starts in a season, and had that just once…in the other two seasons, he had 23 starts…and just 12 starts combined in 2018 and 2020.

      At any rate, time for the Giants to move on. I’d be plenty happy if they can land Bellinger, Lee, Snell and Yamamoto. And I hope they’re very active on the trade markets. I think they need upgrades across the board. They have mediocre players at all levels:

      Flores had a good year…but he’s going to be 32. No other player had an OPS over .790. Now they all blamed Kapler (of course), but the fact remains that their position players are either good (Yaz, Wade, Bailey) or mediocre (Davis, Estrada, Conforto, Haniger, Fitzgerald, Sabol) or poor (Meckler, Schmitt, Luciano, Matos, Ramos, Wisely, Bart, Villar). They don’t have a single great position player…not one. Personally, I’d like to see them keep Flores, Yaz, Wade, Bailey, they have to keep Haniger and Conforto. I think Estrada has strong skills. Slater and Yaz make one good platooned corner outfielder. They need half-a-dozen really good to great pro position players. There isn’t a single field position that couldn’t use an upgrade.

      Pitching is not much better. I think Webb is the Giants’ sole great player and Cobb is a legit starter. After that…well, they have to keep DeSclafani and Stripling and roll the dice. Kyle Harrison will be another starter. They could use at least two great starters…Yamamoto and Snell, anyone?

      I’m still not sold on Doval as a great reliever. I don’t like his body language on the mound. He had 39 saves and finished 60 games. The rest of the relievers are fairly strong. I like both Rogers brothers. I like Beck and Jackson and Winn and Junis and Brebbia. I think Ryan Walker is excellent. I think Scott Alexander, when healthy, is strong.

      Audaces fortuna iuvat

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