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      I’ve always thought highly of this guy, but why is no other media source picking up on this? He’s been beating this drum alone for many years.


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      Two thoughts. First, the traditional media does occasionally report on similar topics. Here’s The Atlantic on a potential war with China, from two years ago:

      How War With China Begins – The Atlantic

      Second, you are largely correct. I think Zeihan reports on this when the traditional media does not (at least not to the same degree) for the following reasons:

      1. Traditional media looks backward, not forward. All of Zeihan’s commentary looks to the future.
      2. Traditional media tends toward the immediate. Most of Zeihan’s commentary is mid-term to long-term.
      3. Zeihan’s commentary is the result of careful and deep analysis. With respect, most of the traditional media doesn’t have that cranial capacity, so to speak. They report the surface news.
      4. Zeihan is mildly right of center, and the traditional media is left of center, usually strongly so. They don’t want to criticize China.
      5. Traditional media is largely afraid of China. They don’t report on many of the Muslim world’s issues for similar reason.
      6. Zeihan points it out himself, we missed most of the signals. There isn’t a lot of news that comes out of China because…China doesn’t want the news reported, and because of that…
      7. …China doesn’t treat journalists as well. Journalists are into self-preservation.

      Audaces fortuna iuvat

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