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      …heading for the exits. And if I could get my wife to agree, I would be out of here as well. In order, I would prefer Hawaii, Florida, Oregon, Carolinas, Gulf Coast, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho. BTW, I prefer CA over plenty of places; e.g., anywhere in the Midwest, most places in the R0cky Mountains, most of the South, New England, NY, NJ, PA. But wow, it’s getting hard to live here:

      1. Highest State Tax Burden in the Country.
      2. Highest State Cost of Living in the Country.
      3. Real Estate Market Volatility (likely to tank, as it did ).
      4. Business Climate Concerns. My family’s business, started in 1953, went out of business two years ago as food processing manufacturing has moved overseas and to other states.
      5. Economic Diversification (in other states). Not sure I’d invest in CA, TBH.
      6. Overcrowding. Largest state population in the USA.
      7. Quality of Life
      8. Illegal Immigration. Not only the highest number of illegal immigrants, but the highest percentage of illegal immigrants, 7.63% of all illegal immigrants in the USA, 3,002,500.
      9. Environmental Concerns. Interestingly, there’s a fair amount of environmental damage done by illegal pot farming, among other things.
      10. Political Climate. ‘Nuff said.
      11. Poor Public Services, and getting worse from my perspective.
      12. Crumbling Infrastructure. A fair amount of Californian infrastructure has aged, and aged poorly.
      13. Lifestyle. ‘Nuff said.
      14. Recreation Preferences. Other states have fun things to do.
      15. Philanthropic.
      16. Community Engagement.

      12 Alarming Reasons California’s Wealthy Are Heading For The Exit (

      Audaces fortuna iuvat

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      Hawaii seems like frying pan to fire.  It’s possibly the only state more wacko than California.

      Sic transit gloria mundi (so shut up and get back to work)

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      You beat me to it. She’s right, of course. Taxes keep going up, the problems keep getting worse, politicians have no idea how to solve it.

      Rich, wealthy people will continue to depart this state (as they are departing New York), particularly as their taxes increase. They have the freedom to do so. If you’re rich and not tied to a job, you can move to Nashville or Jupiter Island or Galveston or Austin or what have you.

      The next two big tax increases we will see in California will be levied on those who have no choice but to stay here, whose jobs or real estate are tied to this state. Held hostage by their jobs, they will stay and pay the higher taxes.


      1. Higher tax brackets on all levels but the most wealthy.
      2. New taxes on real estate transactions, similar to the taxes levied in Los Angeles county.


      Audaces fortuna iuvat

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