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      I once had a lot of riot control training in the military.  Probably been gassed 20 times in training.

      From what I can see from various angles is a crowd gathering in strength.  And a rowdy crowd like that is ominous but manageable.   Common in many countries throughout the world. Crowds like that are usually handled easily and without too many injuries with an effective show of force.  You push them back and they generally disperse.  You don’t want to do a Richard Daly in 1968 or a Kent State.  But you need trained personnel in overwhelming numbers to quickly gain control.

      My first thought is that this got too big too fast for capital police to handle.  And there were agitators.  The police were grossly unprepared. They were also firing tear gas grenades and tossing them without a mask on.  That’s the first thing you learn.  Get your gas mask on an never take it off.  The wind blows the gas right back in your face.  It creates panic.  You can’t see.   Puts you on the retreat.  You have to calmly stand your ground and do exactly what your commander tells you.

      There were officers running around screaming about getting ammo to fire on the crowd.  Not good.  Never do that. (Kent State)  You don’t want combatants taking your weapon and turning it on you.  I also notice that many of the capital police were overweight and likely out of shape.   That’s a weakness for any police force.

      They should have had far more police officers or national guard on site and at the ready to disperse. Soldiers in uniform standing a post are intimidating.  They should have been in place early that morning as a precaution.  With barricades in place if they thought warrented.

      Someone was incompetent.  Or someone wanted it to happen.  There are no other explanations.  I lean to the first.  The crowd should have never been allowed to set foot in the capital.  But is does look like some were encouraged to enter.


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