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      Today’s can’t miss impeachment 2, which in my view is a giant Democratic Party fundraiser, got me thinking about Aaron Burr.  He was never impeached but was tried for treason and acquitted.  Burr was accused 4 times of treason. Trump will have been impeached twice but likely never convicted but it may yet happen.  In that sense Trump is in the Aaron Burr club.  Accused multiple times/acquitted/not convicted.

      But convicting Trump for sedition?  You could try but I doubt John Roberts would allow it as John Marshall didn’t with Burr.  Flimsy evidence.  But you never know with the squishy Roberts.

      Like Aaron Burr,  a case could be made against Joe Biden for high treason.  He is listed a defendant in the complicated Burisma Holdings case.  100 billion dollars in loan guarantees in return for firing the prosecutor.  Giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

      The leftist True Believers will argue that all this is nonsense.  But I didn’t even get into China with Biden and now former Senator Barbara Boxer.  Everyone is flawed and very dirty.

      Time for everyone to move on and count their blessings.



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      But the Dems won’t. It’s not in their DNA anymore; they won’t be able to let it go. And of course, they have the DOJ, the House and Senate, and the media. Biden could have done anything, and he’s in the clear.

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        To me there are too many balls in the air to make meaningful projections about what comes next until the mid terms. So I’m left with straw man narratives.  To me, Trump is the Kahn character from the Star Trek movie; “I stab at thee with my dying breath.”  He lives for the fight, the adrenaline rush.

        I would be surprised if during the packing he/Giuliani  failed to include things to make Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, maybe McConnell, Graham and others life miserable. For Trump & Giuliani, self preservation and the thrill are sufficient motivation. And hard as their political adversaries try to carry on as though nothing has changed, the curtain has been pulled back on theses folks. Impeachment has a shelf life when you’re headed out the door. Not so much public corruption of office holders.

        Here's a toast with one last pour, may it last forever and a minute more;
        Good fortune seems to you have sung, to live and love way past long

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      The Left has achieved cultural control.  Their outlook underlies the general public’s “common sense”.  The manner in which we discuss the future of the republic will be effected dramatically by the consensus default to the meaning of terms like “equity” or “fairness” or “inclusivity”.  The decency of the American proletariat is being fed lies and is manipulated to transform our core values.

      I thought the election of Trump was a giant middle finger to authoritarians in this country.  Turns out, he simply unified the other side to such a degree that they discovered their immense power:  media, technology, education, entertainment and all the key areas of cultural influence and control.  A full manifestation of George Orwell’s nightmare.

      Barack Obama is winning.  Perhaps he has already won.

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