GOP List of Alleged Voter Fraud in Nevada Contains Hundreds of Military Addresse

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      To see my integrity challenged, along with other members of the military to be challenged in this way, it is a shock. And to be potentially disenfranchised because of these actions, that’s not OK,” said Amy Rose, who votes absentee and claims Henderson as her home while the couple is stationed in California.

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      Something tells me you really want open borders, homelessness, riots in the cities, voter fraud, overseas endless wars, slavery reparations, higher taxes, centralized healthcare, more bureaucracy, loss of individual freedom, one party rule, more Chinese communist influence,, outsourcing of jobs, three or more sexual designations and voting without voter ID or proof of citizenship among other things.  Good for you.

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      Nope. I was against all the Middle East wars, among others, when you were still defending Bush.

      I do not want open borders any more than you are ok with 650+ kids being orphaned at the border by the Trump administration’s separation policy.

      I don’t want slavery reparations. I don’t know any mainstream liberal, Democrat, progressive, who does. I’m sure you can find a few examples, though.

      I don’t necessarily want higher taxes. But I believe in paying for what you spend. In that sense I’m a tax and spend Democrat, as opposed to what I call the spend-and-spend conservatives. I have no doubt that about 30 seconds after Biden is sworn in (if that actually happens) conservatives will suddenly remember that deficits are a problem.

      I don’t think one-party rule is healthy. That’s one reason why I was not in favor of Republicans controlling most of the governorships, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, most of the lower court appointments, most state legislatures, and the Presidency. But I’m willing to guess that you voted for Republicans to expand their control over all these branches of government, and more.

      I don’t support loss of individual freedom. Of course the devil is in the details. You are probably against certain freedoms I believe in and I’m against some that I suspect you’re in favor of (e.g., I don’t support the right to carry around fully-automatic weapons or hand-grenades, for that matter).

      I have been against the CCP for decades. I lived in Taiwan and have been concerned about the rise of China long before Trump started manufacturing his MAGA hats and other paraphernalia there. To the extent that Trump has tried to be tough on China, though, I support what he’s done — though I think the results are far less successful than he’d have you believe. But good on him for trying.

      Outsourcing of jobs is not a big issue of mine ne way or another. I think there should be limits on things like H1B visas, for example. I would only note that the free trade policies from the 90’s were originally championed by conservatives. When Clinton signed them it was viewed as him tacking to the right — away from the left.

      I am opposed to voter fraud, like anyone else. If illegals are voting then we should lock them up. But if you check out the Heritage Foundation’s study on voter fraud you’ll find that actual cases are de minimis out of literally billions of votes cast in the last two or three decades in state, federal, and local elections across the country. And I’m willing to bet about half of those were done by Republicans.

      On the other hand we do know that Republicans have gone to heroic efforts to throw out perfectly valid votes. The latest example was when the GOP tried to throw out 127,000 votes cast in Harris, Texas (heavily Democratic).

      I do support centralized healthcare as a safety net — not as the only option. Among developed countries that is not a controversial idea, except in the USA. It doesn’t mean I’m a communist or a Marxist or even a socialist. I simply think you shouldn’t be at risk of going bankrupt if you get a serious illness (in most countries the very premise of Breaking Bad wouldn’t even make sense). I find it bizarre that my healthcare is dependent on my employer to such a degree. Does that make me a radical?

      Three or more sexual designations? I really couldn’t care less about that issue to the extent it’s semantic. To your point about freedom, though, I do support gay rights and the freedom of people to identify has non-binary (though the excessive genders has bordered on ridiculous occasionally), and other freedoms that conservatives often frown upon.

      Rocky, I know you can afford to live in Marin or wherever you like. I can too – though I do suspect you are richer than me. Good for you.

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      I appreciate your time and explanation but think several of your positions are destructive to the middle class of Americans.  More than anything, I want integrity in government. What we experienced during this elections was systemic fraud perpetrated by people working for the Dem party using algorithms to determine how many phony votes needed to be manufactured to give Biden a victory.  And it was done in just a few counties in a few states and was well planned knowing the means are not in place to detect the fraud because of mail in balloting and no effective signature requirements.  Do you really believe 900,000 people registered to vote on election day in and around Milwaukie? I have not seen integrity from the Dem party and have zero faith that Biden won this election honestly.  Anecdotal information does not square with the election results.

      FYI, I was against the US staying in Iraq after the war ended but was in favor of eliminating Saddam Hussein and any weapon troves he may have had as were top Dems at the time.

      (And do not use Harris county as an example.  These were votes collected at covid stations in poor areas where drivers licenses were collected by the covid people, put into stacks and systematically used to register and vote illegally people who were not on the voter rolls or who had not yet decided to vote.  It was a corrupt form of ballot harvesting which is illegal everywhere except foreign countries like California.  It should have been thrown out on its ear and those people required to either register properly or request an absentee ballot like anyone else and then vote.   Voter ID should be required for every voter as it is in Florida and other well run states where the system is much more difficult to corrupt)

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