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      Groups from Eastern Oregon, Washington St and Northern California are interested in expanding the state lines of Idaho to be included in an expanded state, “Greater Idaho”.    It would be the 3rd largest state and extend to the Pacific.


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      I wonder how this might impact the distribution of House seats?  A transfer or two  from CA, OR & WA to greater Idaho.

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        Well the problem is that if “Greater Idaho” were possible the wealthy leftists from the blue states would flee to them and over run them with their failed beliefs and cheese shops and baristas.   I think secession is de facto once the blue states turn out the lights somewhere down the line.

        I don’t see how these secession movements are much different in concept from sanctuary cities, safe zones and the like.  Our government apparently has made a choice not to protect citizen’s rights but rather take them away. You reap what you sow.

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      They’d have better chances if they went with Private Idaho.

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