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      Okay.  I’ve seen enough.  Dr. Fauci / Dr. Wallensky don’t know what they’re doing, have staffed the CDC with people who don’t understand population dynamics or elementary statistics, and we’ve clearly raised a generation (or two) of people who can’t assess risk properly.

      The White House’s messaging is an unmitigated disaster.  It has been actively undermining the vaccine for a week by essentially claiming that the vaccine won’t work against the Delta variant, and that we’re going to have to lockdown regardless anyway.  The messaging must be clear, the vaccines prevent more serious symptoms and greatly reduces mortality. They are extremely effective.  WE SHOULD NOT BE BACKSLIDING ON MASKING FOR VACCINATED FOLKS.  The actual statistics and numbers don’t justify it.  Panic porn headlines on CNN and the NY Times, undermined by the text of the articles aren’t helping.

      Vaccine effectiveness is still over 70% for the Delta variant.  Higher vaccination rates greatly reduce the R values of transmission.  We should continue rewarding people who get vaccinated.

      Trying to politicize who is and isn’t getting the vaccine isn’t helping.  The media is completely complicit in this, emphasizing the political correlation over the more strongly correlated factors (income, education, race (unfortunately, despite pretty good initial outreach) that would make a difference.  ALSO, pre-polarization / political media, the government would try to unify the country and try to get more needles in arms, rather than trying to politicize the issue (which, I suspect, entrenches people’s opinions rather than changing minds).  I would have liked to have seen Obama and some Republican (even *gulp* Trump, although I would like to see Trump Jr. do this) do a joint national address encouraging everyone to get vaccinated who can.  This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

      To be clear, yes, the Provincetown outbreak was among vaccinated folks.  It has resulted in seven hospitalizations (most with pre-existing conditions) and no deaths.  What isn’t being discussed is, um, the reason for the outbreak.

      Being intimate / swapping saliva with multiple people who may have a breakthrough case is going to create viral loads that are detectable / positive tests.  It’s a unique situation, and should be treated as such, NOT form the basis for national policy.

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      You are a scholar and a gentleman, don’t ever change. Thanks

      Facebook pushed back when the senile one called them “murders”. How long before big pharma does as well?  This is the unintended consequence of leadership entirely dependent on queue cards and scripted “press interactions”.  (And now all the bureaucratic little “Colonel Vindmans” come out from behind the shrubs in the lobby to institute policy.)


      Here's a toast with one last pour, may it last forever and a minute more;
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      This is a great summary of what happened (without the White House basically saying we’re imposing new restrictions for… reasons (because “health experts have determined” and “you don’t need to know why” and “we’re following the science”).

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      Here’s more data on “breakthrough” infections. What are we doing and why?

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