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      At first, I thought this story about tests rotting in a warehouse was really bad for Ron Desantis.  Then they trottted out Nikki Fried as the source so it smelled like a set-up.

      DeSantis admits to finding 1 million expired COVID-19 tests stockpiled in warehouse

      One week later, the investigation revealed the tests were ordered last summer, and the administration kept asking for extensions on their use (the reagents really shouldn’t degrade to the point of making the tests useless)… at least twice.  So although the Desantis administration wasn’t distributing them, they were waiting for an extension on their use before distributing them, an extension that was granted last week (and now they can be distributed now that there’s real demand for testing).

      An interesting lesson in making sure that you wait for evidence before responding to these knee-jerk stories.  But by last week, the major media in Florida (and elsewhere) had already spread the story that Desantis had 1M tests sitting in a warehouse far and wide.

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      Not unlike the tale that he was unseen as he was vacationing as the CCP virus ravaged his state. He was vacationing with his wife at an infusion center as she received chemotherapy. I don’t know if they booked through AMEX.

      Our politics are broken. Those peddling this shit are all to quick to refer to a discussion of voting anomalies as “the Big Lie”.  Right.

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      Exactly rj. None of this gets printed in any reputable paper 20 years ago. Reporters would have been expected to make a phone call or two.

      Sic transit gloria mundi (so shut up and get back to work)

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