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      While I’m embarassed at the President’s leadership, I’m not as bothered by the national disgrace that is the protests and rioting at the capitol.

      Why?  Because it’s made for TV and selfies.

      What should we be worried about?  The stuff that isn’t getting much press.  You know, like the fact that there has been an epic ammunition shortage for months now.

      You know, like China cracking down.

      Like people refusing vaccines.

      All the other news that’s buried under a market bubble and a bumbling narcissist of a president.

      Sic transit gloria mundi (so shut up and get back to work)

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      Correct as usual Legend. The people in charge can ignore yesterday’s protests at their own peril. Keep calling  them deplorable, misogynist racists, Marginalize them, ignore their votes and sow the seed for more of that. Righteous indignation from the left and fake disappointment from the right is missing the sleeping giant that is the increasingly disenfranchised ( mostly white) middle class. Trump captured them with his straight talk and irreverence towards the woke orthodoxy. If a more articulate, more measured less crass politician with the same beliefs emerges, the establishment is in big trouble.

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        Our institutions have failed us, and I don’t see them getting better.  The media is fomenting division, and has lost all credibility.  Our politicians are choosing to energize their base / the extreme elements of their parties, rather than trying to find common ground.  The Biden, but especially the Harris speech yesterday showed that they aren’t interested in unity.

        I will wait and see regarding why Congress was stormed, and who brought lead pipes and hit a Capitol Officer with a fire extinguisher.  I want evidence, not the knee jerk accusations of the media or the defenses proffered by the organizers.  I believe that the main Stop the Steal organizers acted in good faith, but that they should have anticipated that agitators would take advantage of the situation and worked to stop it.  The President should have anticipated this as well, and been very clear that no violence would be tolerated.

        What is the path forward?  I believe we need to de-politicize the media, and we need social media to figure out a more even-handed means of moderation.  There’s a saying that politics ruin everything, and we’re seeing that play out right now.  Everything is viewed through the lens of politics, and as a result, people pick and choose their tribe and engage in a severe form of tribalism we haven’t seen in a long time. Our media is an extreme for of this.  Journalists no longer investigate, they form narratives and try to find evidence for their narrative.  Here’s an example:

        I chose a more neutral tweet about this incident.  A few things: 1) the reporter could have easily asked the officials in the various counties why senior citizens were waiting in line… you know… doing journalism; 2) Desantis is correct that her main question was why are there problems and the answer is high demand; and 3) the part of the question she wanted was basically a no-win question that is completely improper for a journalist… trying to get Desantis to say that Florida doesn’t have a plan (which is false).  But this played out in a polarizing way on Twitter, because the journalist then made this about herself “getting bullied” by Desantis.  Desantis could have been better about answering, “Look, our state’s plan is to get this vaccine to as many people as possible, but if you look at each county’s plan, some of the counties haven’t made good distribution plans, and we’re doing what we can to maximize vaccinations without micromanaging them.”

        But our media / journalists are no longer journalists.  They’re propagandists pushing an agenda, with no in between.  There are no more Jim Lehrers.  For example, do you know who Roy Ball is?  Twitter does.

        Now there’s additional video of him yelling at another woman during the rally.  As far as I’m aware, the rally in Los Angeles got heated, and there were several incidents (and the incident involving the woman he’s holding may have been a mistaken identity that lead to something a lot worse).  Still, journalists and celebrities immediately called for his firing, were successful, and have not apologized or acknowledged that they jumped to a conclusion based on a photo and a bunch of tweets.  We live in a mob-rule society where anyone can have the mob whipped into a frenzy against them at any moment for anything.

        Not only is this perpetual state of outrage making us unhappy, it’s also affecting our ability to take a breath, wait for evidence, and then evaluate the evidence. The media and Big Tech are to blame, but they have no sense of self-awareness, and no incentive to self-correct (because the financial incentives are to continue pushing up engagement numbers and short term dopamine hits for clicks).  What’s the way out?  I’m not sure, other than we need to de-politicize everything.

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      How about vaccines sitting in freezers because bureaucrats in hospitals can’t get them into arms. One of the more liberal posters on TOS, a pediatrician, was complaining about exactly that.

      Didn’t know about the ammo shortage.

      Did know about China, and think I posted that somewhere.

      Really, really disappointed in Biden’s speech today. Extremely angry at Trump, okay, I get it for yesterday, but Biden made it a campaign speech about ties to Putin, etc.

      Then Biden went after Barr. Ripped him apart for being Trumps personal attorney. Guess he forgot that Barr refused to announce the federal investigation in Hunter during the run up to the election, which may have swung the election if publicized, and that Barr said he didn’t see enough election malfeasance to effect the outcome of Biden’s election.

      Didn’t end there, blamed the intrusion of the Capitol on racism within the Capitol police and their partners.

      A uniter? Not a chance.

      God help this country.


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        What could be more troubling would be someone who taps into that huge group of disenfranchised citizens, who’s much more polished, yet much more devious and cunning than Trump.

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      [quote quote=4125]What could be more troubling would be someone who taps into that huge group of disenfranchised citizens, who’s much more polished, yet much more devious and cunning than Trump.[/quote]

      my feelings exactly and not troubling. They need to be heard after being disenfranchised for decades.

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