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      Basically, Barstool Sports and its President, Dave Portnoy, set up a fund that helps small businesses through monthly grants get through the pandemic.  Two requirements: you existed pre-pandemic, and you are actively paying your employees.

      The San Francisco Chronicle decides to declare Dave Portnoy and Barstool “problematic,” and “controversial” because they funded the Tadich Grill, one of the oldest restaurants West of the Mississippi.  They even got the owners to issue a statement that they weren’t aware of the allegedly “racist and misogynist remarks” or the allegations of sexual harassment against Dave Portnoy.  Like the Iowa State kid who raised money for kids with cancer (Carson King), there’s no ability for people to do good if they have bad tweets or made “controversial” statements in the past.

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      Carson King is the poster child of punishment by woke.  No discounting for doing and saying stupid teenager stuff.  It’s condemning someone with a lifetime of good works to hell for one mis-deed.

      I’ve always felt Busch could have made a hell of a dent in the woke movement by stating they were sticking with King, that he is a perfect example of someone who has grown and moved on from past mistakes.  Even the most woke would have trouble finding fault with that position.

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      “Saratoga (NY) Living” decided to publish a hit piece saying that the Barstool Fund gave $200,000 to Saratoga’s oldest Irish pub, then stating about Dave Portnoy, “But he’s anything but a do-gooder.”

      Still terrible.  Glad he’s pushing back.

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      Carson King gave away $1 million+ to charities, including a children’s hospital in Des Moines.  A piece-of-garbage writer for the Des Moines Register named Aaron Calvin ruined King’s life by exposing two racist tweets that King had forwarded as a mid-teenager.

      My absolute favorite part of the story is that Calvin was fired from the DMR for his own offensive tweets.  See, Calvin’s own statements mocked same-sex marriage, domestic abuse and included a racial slur. Gotta be careful hurling stones in glass houses there, Calvin…

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