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      I saw this fellow on the tv a couple of weeks ago with Stuart Varney on Fox Business.  He is remarkable.  Enjoy

      And if you know how he’s doing this please let me know.  As an aside, is this how Harbaugh was stealing signs?  Did he get help from this guy?

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      Just as an aside, a football game at the Big House is quite an experience. First time I went was with my brother, an Oregon State alum. UMich vs. OSU, 9/19/15, Harbaugh’s first home game. Attendance, 109,651. Team went 10-3, beat OSU 35-7, though OSU scored first.

      UMich fans are a classy bunch, let’s just say the complete opposite of another land grant school with which we’re all familiar. And Ann Arbor reminds me of Berkeley in a lot of ways. The game itself reminded me of the Stanford games I attended in the 1970s. Great tailgating, lots of activities, lots of excitement. Like Alabama, people dress up for the games.

      People wanted my opinion as to whether a California coach — albeit one trained by Schembechler — would be successful in the tundra.

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