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      …at least according to Peggy Noonan:

      Donald Trump and His Elusive Base – WSJ

      Ms. Noonan thinks the only entity Trump fears is his own base, and these days, he’s trying to figure out where they’re going in order to get there first.

      Key line that Noonan elucidates from Trump’s collective base: We need Trump’s policies, but we don’t need him.

      Theory is that Trump will announce a run in 2024, but ultimately will not run.  He’ll freeze the field, but not be a part of it.

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      Is this different than Paul Ryan?  John McCain? Liz Cheney?  It’s all about preaching to the choir and diminishing those you oppose.  Noonan’s language about Trump supporters, losers who are unserious is a classic example

      But as Noonen points out, he owns the popular policy positions. His failure now, he’s seeding that ground to everyone, some who are only positioning themselves, selling themselves like a packaged brand name product. Too many have no commitment to the basic policy, to the blocking and tackling. See the Ukraine bail out.

      This article sums it up nicely. A 2022 Republican campaign template for success based on narrative.

      Not much in the playbook here about the disconnect between economic and foreign policy, see China and the DoJ dismantling the Ip theft regime, energy independence…and Trump is furthering this nonsense with his personal grievance narrative. Our issues are much bigger than that. Can/will Trump pivot to policy?  I have my reservations.  That would diminish him personally and harm the country. We need to make tough choices, fully informed, not make easy choices driven by personal preferences/prejudices.

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