In another brilliant move, CA bans gas heat.

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      By 2030, gas heaters and furnaces will no longer be sold in CA. Just a brilliant strategy to use significantly less efficient heat pumps instead of natural gas furnaces. They claim the move will lower my utility bill. Hmm, let me think about about that. Cheap natural gas and high efficiency. Highest electric rates in the Continental US and less efficient HPs. All on top of an already strained grid and a forced move to EVs.


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      While we are at it, why not ban residential air conditioning?  It’s a huge and superfluous use of energy.

      Hot water?  Who needs it?  Let’s all do cold showers. Fewer unwanted babies that way too!

      In fact, we should ban industry from using electricity. They can just figure things out…maybe go back to water wheels. Anybody seen any good riverside manufacturing plants lately?

      Once you go statist, you should go all in. You will be cold, dirty, and tired and like it.

      Why?  Because it’s California!

      Sic transit gloria mundi (so shut up and get back to work)

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