Migrant arrests on the southern border hit record

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      In the eleven months through August 31, annual arrests at the American southern border hit an all-time high of 2,150,244. It had never before surpassed 2 million.

      Other highlights:

      • August arrests were a 2.2% increase over July arrests
      • There was a 175% increase in arrests of Communist country citizens, including Venezuelans, Cubans, and Nicaraguans.
      • Mexican immigrant arrests declined  by 43%.

      Migrant arrests at southwestern border hit yearly record | The Hill

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      In Trump’s final year that number was 458,088.

      It is my understanding that even if these folks show up for their amnesty hearing (the waitlist is now 18 months), only about 5% are given amnesty.

      Supreme Court upheld Wait in Mexico.  Biden Administration fought it like crazy.  When they lost, they slow walked the process and only dozens of immigrants have been put into that process each month.

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