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      US has ‘privately accepted fate’ China will take Taiwan after allowing ‘build-up of weapons for decades,’ expert says | The US Sun (the-sun.com)

      Pelosi’s visit is angering China. A retired U. S. general says we have privately accepted that Taiwan will be assimilated into China.

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      My wife’s thinking was that Pelosi would never wear pink in such a somber moment.

      FYI, 97% of antibiotics we use are manufactured in China.  And we laugh at Germany for being dependent on Russian Nat gas.  Meanwhile China produces  24% and Taiwan 21% of the world’s semiconductor production.  Who has who by the balls?

      Xi looks brilliant while the world laughs at JB.


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      Xi is facing existential problems in his financial sector, largely from his ignorant mismanagement.  His nation is staring down the barrel of a demographic crisis unlike any that a nation has ever faced.  And China’s water resources are in dire jeopardy.


      Way to go Xi.

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      China has a number of issues:

      1. Wealth Gap/Economic imbalances that make Brazil’s look like Sweden.
      2. Rapidly aging population.
      3. Stalled reforms.
      4. Supply chain disruption.
      5. Credit issues.
      6. Unbalanced regional development.
      7. Overreliance on foreign commercial partners.
      8. Underconsumption by domestic households.
      9. A devastated environment (a friend of mine from China says this is their single greatest challenge by far).
      10. Push to assert party control over private business (and private business ain’t havin’ it).
      11. Inflation, spiraling costs of housing, health care and education.
      12. Real Estate downturn.
      13. Slowing growth.
      14. Government is attempting to turn private industry into state controlled entities.
      15. Too many “sell” signals in their internal tech sector caused by communist party policies.
      16. Uigher genocide/concentration camps/general lack of human rights.
      17. COVID issues.
      18. Risky external loans to failing countries; e.g., the Belt and Road initiative is backfiring.
      19. China’s globalization may stall due to their backing of Russia.
      20. Taiwan
      21. United States
      22. Potential social unrest due to all of the above.
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      And exactly how will the US protect Taiwan? Shake our finger and wear a somber face? We certainly can’t support military forces and the Navy would have to operate over the horizon.  Geez, does anyone have a treaty with them?

      No, there will come a day when Xi or whoever decides to bring that petulant child back to nest,and it won’t take more than a day.

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      Don’t forget.

      23: No girls. The brilliant one child policy…

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      23.  Hmmm.   At least China acknowledges girls.

      But we’re not even sure what a woman is because we are awash in infinite genders and other costly and time consuming absurdities.   I doubt Xi was fooled about the nature of the 82 year old Womxn in pink who visited Taiwan yesterday and the unserious divided country that sent her.

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