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      I saw a headline for an article describing what famous American locations would look like under the flood of rising oceans. To be fair, I didn’t click on the article. Instead, I looked up historical tidal info from NOAA. Interesting findings:

      In most coastal locations in the US, the oceans are indeed rising. Surprising is the variation and the totals. The Atlantic in general is rising about a foot a century, with the northern sections rising less than the southern sections. The Pacific is rising much slower, with Los Angeles only rising at a rate 4 inches a century and SF at about 8 inches per century. The northern Pacific in Alaska is actually dropping significantly, for example the waters off Juneau are dropping 4 feet per century. The areas that are seeing rising tides are the Gulf Coast, with waters rising 2-3 feet per century in Texas and Louisiana.

      Not trying to make a point about climate change, except that the situation for most doesn’t appear to be as dire as the scary visuals and fearmongerers make out.

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      I’m fascinated that no one mentions the land bridge between Asia and NA that existed until 15-20,000 years ago.  The Bering Strait was a dry land path between NA and Asia.  Rising oceans obliterated the land bridge long before humans became dictated to fossil fuel

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      Found this museum on a drive to Alaska years ago. Fascinating history of Beringia and the climate of the far north millennia ago. Worth the quick read.



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      BD, you can’t win this one. Evidence that sea levels have been rising for 20k years is not evidence that you are not effing up the world with your SUV.

      Sic transit gloria mundi (so shut up and get back to work)

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