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      First of all, I didn’t realize uncorroborated second hand info was admissible during a trial. Oh, but it’s not a trial. . . .

      Second, I’m puzzled by how Trump pulled it off. Sitting in the backseat of the Beast, with a row of agents and aides and a screen of glass between he and the driver, how does he grab the wheel? I’ve read that only the President can lower the glass, but still, how does he manage it? Did he lower the glass, dive over people and the partition with feet dangling in the air as he grabbed the wheel?

      Not defending Trump, and hope he doesn’t run. But seriously, something doesn’t add up.

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      Well, her source / head of security denies telling her the story, and the driver denies being assaulted / that Trump tried to grab the wheel.  Even the Washington Post thought the testimony smelled funny.  The committee itself then played video showing that Trump was not in the limo, as the witness said the rumor was reported, but in an SUV.  Either way, the whole thing was implausible.

      Also, the “handwritten note” wasn’t hers.

      People who work with the attorney (and Trump himself noticed this when he put out his response) back up that the attorney’s handwriting is distinctive and she did not write the note.  It’s one thing to get something wrong because it is rumor / hearsay.  It’s another to get something wrong that you claim you did.

      What’s the credibility jury instruction?  If you find the witness’s testimony is false as to one thing, you can disregard part or all of their testimony?  This reminds me of how organizations find leaks: by putting out implausible rumors and seeing how / if they get reported to the press.

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